A 4-Year-Old Isolated Outside Because Of COVID Possibility Ends Up With Hypothermia

This was in Britain but don’t think that it can’t happen here in the USA to your child. Wake up. Stand up. Revolt. Stop the government Covid madness! Via boudica.us

A 4-Year-Old Isolated Outside Because Of COVID Possibility Ends Up With Hypothermia Maggie Mitchell

They made him wait outside…

Just because he had mild COVID symptoms. That’s the lousy excuse the school pulled out when the kid got hypothermia.

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Chloé Wilby’s son, Mason, was isolated out in the cold and got hypothermia. The concerned mom said that Wigton Infant School put Mason in an “outdoor shed” after spotting his runny nose and mild cough. The school called her to pick up Mason ASAP. They didn’t even tell her that he was out in the cold. With NO HEATING!

When Chloé found Mason, his hands were “red raw,” and “eyes watering like mad, snotty nose down his face.”

“He couldn’t talk” and was “shivering like mad,” she said. “They even made him eat his lunch outside, no toys, no games, nothing.”

The mom called an ambulance because her son had hypothermia.

A four-year-old boy developed hypothermia after his school put him in isolation in an outdoor classroom, his mother has said.

Staff at Wigton Infant School, in Cumbria, ‘feared his symptoms could have been coronavirus and put him in isolation’ until he could be collected. pic.twitter.com/UavwZISIxt

— UNN (@UnityNewsNet) December 1, 2021

Geoff Norman, the headteacher of the progressive, pro-LGBT school, was fine with Mason’s isolation. He defended Wigton’s outdoor isolation policy:

“The priority for everyone in Wigton Infant School has always been the wellbeing of the children, which now more than ever includes reducing the chance of infection across the school and caring for children who are ill at school,” he said. “This includes moving children who display Covid-19 symptoms to a separate space with a member of staff until they can be picked up by a parent or carer.” The True Reporter read more

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